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Kotio by Broomu Digitals

We augment the world

Broomu Digitals Oy is specialized to develop and create augmented reality (AR) platforms and integrations. We have been a true pioneer in the industry, solving technological problems that no one else ever solved We are focused on developing technology, which can help solve problems, especially in real estate, building construction and designing plans. Broomu is established in 2017 at Finland and since that we have produced various AR products for different customer segments and areas.

We want to be changing the world by creating new markets and to give possibilities to our customers to be more successful in digitizing world. Our key values and capabilities are innovation, adaptability and openness to listen to customers and adapt to a changing world.


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Contact information:

General inquiries: info@broomudigitals.fi

Turku, new office location confirmed soon.

Salo, postal adress: Broomu Digitals Oy, Mäkelänkuja 13, 25360 SALO

General inquiries: info@broomudigitals.fi