Kotio: augmented reality 3D visualizing platform

Kotio is our new augmented reality 3D visualizing platform

Engage immediately and effectively. Kotio offers a unique view of, for example, buildings or home furnishing elements in real size and surroundings. Build, decorate, design and dream. Users can have a look at models where ever they want and whenever they have time. Kotio is a new effective tool to increase sales and contribute more effective marketing. Augmented reality is the most effective digital media.

If you are interested about this solution please contact our CEO & Co-Founder Tuukka Kahila for more information, tuukka (a) broomudigitals.fi . We are currently approaching the launch stage with this solution so we are interested about investors and strategic partnerships.

Virtual try on (VTO) shopping (both retail and online) is under huge digital transition. Kotio platform and app can help your business to success in this transition. Integration into e-commerce or other existing platforms is easy with Kotio. It is also possible to create either white label or branded version of Kotio but then again Kotio itself offers various ways to close the deal.

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