Multiuser AR systems: how to?
The multiuser AR system is something that we have done already for some time. At the moment there are several ways to do multiuser or multiplayer augmented reality systems. There is just something really engaging and cool about multiuser AR. It is real life, sci-fi at its best! We strongly believe that multiuser systems in AR will become common in next years, especially in gaming, product development & manufacturing and learning.

With our systems users can really interact in same view or just share a view. Gaming is fun in same AR view, but you can also play in AR in different locations. Imagine your best friend who is living in another city as you and you share the same interest in the AR robot battle game. No problem, you can play against each others with cloud service! That’s cool. That also allows several use cases for example, learning and maintenance. Share AR view from different locations. Like VR but much easier.

We will shortly tell you more about possibilities.