Cloud and data driven AR – new way to process and publish AR content

Cloud and data driven AR – new way to process and publish AR content

Cloud and data driven AR is actually one innovation we have made during the past months. It is kind of a part of our AAVA AR publishing system, but then again an independent tech which can be integrated to pretty much every cloud and datasystem there is.

So what is this about? Quite often keywords like easy, fast, cost effective and engaging are used in different contexts. In this context those keywords really apply.  As we know nowadays most (if not all) product information and other critical data is handled and stored to some data cloud system which is often also the heart of production, sales, marketing and communication systems. From those service, users can handle multiple products at once and create automated marketing campaigns or other content to different sources. Quite often there is also an AI which handles some of this data as well. In brief our augmented reality integration allows users to create one or multiple AR contents thru these services. We can integrate these contents to webAR so the user does not necessarily need a separate app to open content. This makes it easier for end users as well.

First time in world AR contents are automatized. Interesting? Yes. Groundbreaking? Absolutely.

This offers new possibilities to create (also cost) effective AR easily without worries ho does what and when and how. Just click and publish.

If you are interested about this solution please contact our CEO & Co-Founder Tuukka Kahila for more information, tuukka (a) . We are currently approaching the launch stage with this solution so we are interested about investors and strategic partnerships.

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