Realit WP-plugin

WordPress & Woocommerce

Realit utilizes the existing e-commerce environment and does not need separate applications or other solutions (WordPress & Woocommerce). Turn your ecommerce into an instantly augmented reality (AR) platform.

3D visualization for your website

In addition to AR, Realit enables 3D preview for all devices. Visualization with a 3D model opens up a new way for desktop users to get to know the products, for example.

From a standard image to AR content

Realit automatically works and generates reality content added from a standard e-commerce product image – no separate 3D model is required unless they exist separately.

Customization & Content

Possibility of turnkey delivery as well as customizations for different platforms or needs. In addition to 3D models and AR, we also efficiently produce other necessary content for the online store.

Familiar maintenance environment

Management with a familiar hosting environment through the control panel of a standard WordPress site.

Easy to set up

Quick and easy set up process! The installation takes a few minutes, after which the content configuration is just as fast.

Why Realit

Realit transforms any e-commerce object or product into an augmented reality (AR) element. So you can view and visualize directly on your smartphone screen through the product’s suitability for its real environment.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is by far the most popular publishing system in the world and one could say that WordPress is already part of the internet architecture. More than 30% of the world’s websites is produced using WordPress. If you have another system, please contact us and we will consider customization according to your needs.


Try Realit Live

Realit WP plug-in uses webar augmented reality technology, which does not require the installation of separate applications, but augmented reality content can be accessed directly through the phone’s browser (Android Chrome & iOS Safari).

Realit also adds value to computer users, for whom a 3D preview of the product can be created using the model.

You can now engage your site visitors and customers in a whole new way, easily and quickly. Augmented reality has been found in several studies to be a clearly more engaging medium: users can interact directly with products that speed up purchasing decisions. Real installation is fast and doesn’t take a few minutes longer. Thanks to the extension, content management takes place at the same time as the maintenance of your website.

Realit is a Finnish product innovation and can be directly connected to the Kotio AR system, which can be used to create diverse content and extensive implementations. Ask more!

Is the Realit plug-in easy to use?

Yes. The Realit plug-in installs directly in your WordPress and Woocommerce control panel in minutes, just like any WordPress plug-in. Operation is very simple and does not require any special skills. In practice, products are added on a check-in-the-box basis. You can easily customize where and how the Realit AR icon appears.

Is there a demo of the implementation?

Yes. Two demo versions of the Realit implementation can be seen through our websites. One is the so-called static demo page where you can try out the functions from the customer’s / user’s perspective and the other allows you to see how easy it is to manage the Realit plugin in WordPress.

s it possible to get Realit for other e-commerce platforms?

Yes. We can tailor the solution to your needs, ask for more!

How long will I commit to the order?

Realit is for sale either with an indefinite term or with a monthly contract. We bill for the first 6 months at a time, then either 6 months or 1 month at a time according to the contract option. With a 12 month contract you save a lot and we give 2 months free (billing period 10 months).