What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality or AR is a technology that can be used to create an interactive digital experience and layer on top of the real world, for example with the help of a smartphone. Unlike virtual reality (VR), AR does not require a separate terminal or heavy investment in hardware. Instead, the terminal can be found in virtually everyone’s pocket: a smartphone. The AR thus enables a real-time view through the screen of the telephone, to which digital elements have been added, such as, in our case, building and interior materials or, for example, a house package.

All AR material opens in the Kotio system in a realistic size, which makes it easy to perceive the need for space, for example. Quite often the biggest slowdown in AR deployment is the lack or cost of 3D models. Our platform has also solved this problem: for the majority of our solutions, 3D material can only be produced automatically on the basis of image material!

online shoppers report that AR has improved their shopping experience. (eCom Dash)


consumers said they were willing to pay more for the product if they had the opportunity to see and try it in AR view.


consumers said they would return to shopping more often than before if AR tools were used.