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We are pioneers of augmented reality and hybrid gaming. In general, we are a mobile app and game company with a new mindset. Our goal is to build new AR innovations to mobile devices on international markets. With our platforms, it is possible to create versatile content for different purposes. Users can create AR content within minutes. Our solutions naturally include a unique augmented reality multiplayer function.

We can offer various possibilities to our partners and investors. The world is changing and new markets are about to open. Join to our journey by contacting us or following us on Facebook. Our team is there for you.

Kotio: augmented reality 3D visualizing platform

Kotio is our new augmented reality 3D visualizing platform Engage immediately and effectively. Kotio offers a unique view of, for example, buildings or home furnishing elements in real size and

AR skatepark & game for coolest soda pop

Kane’s Soda Pop is coolest soda pop in the markets. Together with them, we created a whole new way to use the product package as a gaming platform. Kane’s Gamepark

Cloud and data driven AR – new way to process and publish AR content

Cloud and data driven AR – new way to process and publish AR content Cloud and data driven AR is actually one innovation we have made during the past months.

Brain health education with AR game

Brain health education with AR game Really interesting project of ours was published few weeks ago. It is an augmented reality game for brain health education organisation Aivoliitto Ry. With

Augmented reality in guides and maps

Augmented reality in guides and maps Quite often you run into some classic signs in different places around cities or venues. Imagine if those signs could not only be digital

Successfull AR game campaing

Successfull AR game campaing The first augmented reality (AR) game campaign in public transport was a great success and it brought joy to thousands of people. The family company Leipomo


Be a pioneer of modern world


Our mission is to create a more social interactive gaming and effective augmented reality (AR) concepts for our customers. We have created a unique publishing system and AR platform which can be operated also in the multiuser or multiplayer mode. It is something really new it allows users to engage both in the real world and in the digital world at the same time. Our products can be used in various purposes whatever it is a single user or multiuser solution.

New hybrid gaming, or AR gaming and new augmented reality (AR) solutions will be the next phenomenon. New experiences can already be delivered to users around the world and AR is really about to change the world with its endless possibilities. We have a strong focus on product development and new solutions. Without a doubt we want to gain our pioneer status.

We can offer our services to you as well. If you have an idea, but you are not sure what to do with it just let us know. We are always interested to build new things for our partners and customers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us – we are looking for new partners and investors.


New standard of AR


AAVA AR is a luxurious augmented reality publishing system, platform and mobile app. It opens new possibilities to engage and open digital content from several different sources or locations. AAVA AR is really easy to use – create your own augmented reality content within minutes. It opens a new world for various purposes of advertising and shopping to branding.

AAVA AR makes augmented reality easy. It can pretty much open digital content from any physical element or even without a marker using latest technologies. Platform offers also support for different mobile games and AR games. Naturally with multiuser support!


Tarvel and serivce app


Spotter app is a new service for travellers and inhabitants. It brings your city (or area) events and attractions to one app. But mainly it is an app for companies which provides services to consumers. Spotter offers many different ways to get the message to consumers.

It will literally bring customers to you. And just for fun, it always has an augmented reality game or even games in it!
That is also a good way to engage users to the app.

Nr1 hybrid game concept


Battle Hammer is a hybrid game concept which brings together elements of board gaming, trading cards and mobile gaming. It is a new social and awesome way to play with mobile devices. With augmented reality we are able to give novel gaming experience for players.

Battle Hammer is even more social than ordinary mobile games are. Multiplayer (1-4) function in real time same view is unique and fun! Battle alone, with your friends or against them. It’s up to you!

Don’t just imagine – join with us. There is still time to be part of first edition of Battle Hammer!

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